Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Contact Concert Series & Cowboy Props

I just updated this page, look at how it's been spruced up
click here

I'm also looking for cowboy props (weapons, revolvers, chaps, vests, boots) to make an authentic western at our house in the next few days, or week or so.
Aaron's looking for the same things too

(if you have a costume, we can give you a B(i)G actor role)

fat chance i'll ever get what i want


  1. You should post this on Facebook too.

  2. hi family contact blog, i love your blog

    i have boots & hats & maybe vests you can use if you are HARD Up

  3. wow, why didn't i see this
    you should know most of our members are hard up and we're love to credit you as costume master or assistant if you want to support our wild west themed prodcution