Friday, September 4, 2009

REAL celebrities of Fan Expo

This is a big one. Obviously all of us make it out to the yearly Festival of Fear at Fan Expo, but it has slowly become more and more disappointing. This year was like a massive octopus with 11,000 people lined up as each of its extremities. Within the monster there were waves of bodies pushing currents of lineups, nothing short of gross overcrowding making it really hard to find Eddies to chill and take breathers in. Even if we didn't miss the deadline to receive our press passes it still would have been a bummer.. EXCEPT FOR THE BABES AND HEROES IN UNIFORM!!

We lost, we didn't dress up this year. Those who did are our heroes, they're pros, and babes and expert lovers of "what they do". With our old heroes Leslie Nelson (I love Him!) and Tom Savini (I Love this guy!!!!) bailing and Bruce Campbell not being an amazing host this is where we found it.



Nintendo Controller,




She-Hulk and,

Charming Knight,


Princess Zelda,

Storm Troopers,

Underworld LARPers,

Nintendo Controller (old flame),


  1. Amazing pics, this is obviously the post of the month!

    I'd like to see more along these lines. You guys were hopefully inspired enough to go in costume next year. And bring extra $ for pricey autographs and photo ops.

  2. I'm looking up pictures for this years con and really no one has them up yet, but Star Fox was there this year too (I'm her "handler" and friend :P).

    I want to see what pics turn up of her and the rest of the con on the web because we don't end up taking too many ourselves :/ Hope you went this year too! I'd love to see what pics you took.

  3. I went really quick this year, but Efe and Aaron went and got some pictures. If they have a good ones or two we'll def put it up.