Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To make Fake Tombstones

Thursday Oct 29th (2009) at night.
Write me if you wish to attend this class and I'll pass on the address.
We'll have some supplies & fun, but bring more if you can.
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the topic is halloween and I am going to explain how to make your own tombstone in two different styles with below beautiful pictorial* accommodation.

first of all you need to figure out if you want to use or more likely, what you have Readily available. For the base form styrofoam or cardboard work best, then here's what you'll need to get:

1.5 inch thick Styrofoam (do NOT get White shit, it's out of your league) OR Cardboard (cereal boxes, or anything.), fine cutting sharp knife (exacto), grey paint/primer, paint brushes, and perhaps a black marker.
NOTE: Spray paints work, but only plan on using with cardboard, they will most likely mutate the styrofoam.


map out a rough idea with a pen of your overall look.

Start cutting that baby out!

The details should just pop right out.

Keep it up, you feel like your done, but you're only Almost there.

For painting, just a light coat will do, you only need to lose the undercolour.

Let it dry in an area with good air flow.
More details on the fine touches as they come.

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Cereal boxes are easiest.

Spraypaint was easiest for these.

*I would like to yell out a special thanks to Tamara Manczyk for taking the above photos, you can find here on Facebook under Tamara M i think.

With these tricks I have explained here you will be sure to have the best halloween and with a lawn full of tombstones you know who should be wary. So that's it, so easy. Hope you learned something.

I'll post the details once they're done. NOW do your's ! and post em.

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  1. This is my favorite post yet! Hope you don't mind if I link it on my blog; I think everyone can enjoy this.

    Keep those tombstones coming; I'll post mine shortly.