Thursday, November 26, 2009

technology these days

technology is moving at flashlight speeds. I remember only last year did Efehan and I discover the magical automated editing solution software Muvee. A dream tool for any editor who maybe short on time and wants to make experimental art. We love it and are going to use it more and more.

Now there's a revolution in previsualzation with xtranormal (found through friends on FB), just type in the script, change a few camera angles, set your action and facial emations and you made a movie. See the one I made (below).

Glad you enjoyed this tech break, now spread the work and make your own, glady.


  1. Wow, muvee magic; I'd love to see the script for this one.

  2. haha this is so brilliant. i love it!

  3. its so weird that we're asking about the different variations on flips with post, and its like a tally vote.