Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(Living with Friends ( season 1 ) Trailer Rap & Screening Dates)

Assembled by Zak Tatham
Vocals by Tamara Manczyk & Efehan Elbi
Drums by Aaron Manczyk

Featuring clips from Living With Friends the brand new series from Family Contact. Episodes will be coming online Starting Nov 1st  (weekly!!!), but you can see them all early if you squeeze into all of the events below.

When can I COME see some of the episodes PREMIERE in Toronto!?

All the episodes would be too exhausting to watch in one night, can you realize that??? so they have been paced them out over a few nights with other mood setters and night makers! Come see a few during one night or come to all three screenings to see every single episode and experience them in the best way possible:
>)1st Screening - PART 1 (Premiere Opening Screening!!) - Thursday Oct 28th Ѧ MoMoPi Backyard, 157 Huron St, 8pm

>)2nd Screening - PART 2 - Saturday Nov 13th Ѧ The White House, 277 Augusta, 2nd floor, 8pm PWYC

>)3rd Screening - PART 3 (with season finale!!) - Saturday Nov 27th Ѧ Cinecycle, behind 129 Spadina Ave., 8pm $5
*Family Contact will be there in person and you can buy some of our fabled merch as well. thanks.
>>))Floating Screening/s - Look out for an Episode or more with our friends at HumbleMania, on an upcoming Wednesday at the Ossington! heisthefuture.com/

We also have a fan page for you to join, look out.

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