Saturday, July 19, 2008



In mid May we organized the OCAD video fest "I MADE THIS FOR CLASS" at the classic Bloor Cinema which was a mega success containing a varied taste of videos from 4th year OCAD students. Now, Bloor Cinema has been booked again for September 10th 2008 7pm and we are currently in the process of making a new video/OCAD festival.

YOU: need to submit your video/s, they can be anything (but consider them for the cinema environment):

GUIDELINES: Any OCAD student, affiliate or alumni may submit a video or film that they made recently (maximum two years old), on viewable dvd or vhs format that is less then 20 minutes long.

FORM: click here Fill this out with your video.

DEADLINE: August 15th 2008.

LOCATION: Submit your video to a box we will have near the OCAD Integrated Media signout cage on the 3rd floor or contact us and/or drop by our home.

For more contact info look to our website, which will have more information shortly:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Website Launch

We figured we had to celebrate the website coming together, mostly, sometime soon, and since it is pretty much all there I had the brilliant idea of organizing a water balloon games night by flashlight. It will be held at a small park just north of college on lippincott this sunday night, the 13th. There will be lemonade I hope and maybe popsicles and lots of people, soaking wet, saying how cold they are. And then someone might start a war.