Thursday, November 26, 2009

technology these days

technology is moving at flashlight speeds. I remember only last year did Efehan and I discover the magical automated editing solution software Muvee. A dream tool for any editor who maybe short on time and wants to make experimental art. We love it and are going to use it more and more.

Now there's a revolution in previsualzation with xtranormal (found through friends on FB), just type in the script, change a few camera angles, set your action and facial emations and you made a movie. See the one I made (below).

Glad you enjoyed this tech break, now spread the work and make your own, glady.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something for everyone (lovers cooking)

the couple that i adore

from orthodoxos!

This one is apparently becoming a feature film soon, so save up your loose change and donate to the sweetest pair.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To make Fake Tombstones

Thursday Oct 29th (2009) at night.
Write me if you wish to attend this class and I'll pass on the address.
We'll have some supplies & fun, but bring more if you can.
| |_)) || |_))
| | \\ || ||

the topic is halloween and I am going to explain how to make your own tombstone in two different styles with below beautiful pictorial* accommodation.

first of all you need to figure out if you want to use or more likely, what you have Readily available. For the base form styrofoam or cardboard work best, then here's what you'll need to get:

1.5 inch thick Styrofoam (do NOT get White shit, it's out of your league) OR Cardboard (cereal boxes, or anything.), fine cutting sharp knife (exacto), grey paint/primer, paint brushes, and perhaps a black marker.
NOTE: Spray paints work, but only plan on using with cardboard, they will most likely mutate the styrofoam.


map out a rough idea with a pen of your overall look.

Start cutting that baby out!

The details should just pop right out.

Keep it up, you feel like your done, but you're only Almost there.

For painting, just a light coat will do, you only need to lose the undercolour.

Let it dry in an area with good air flow.
More details on the fine touches as they come.

+ + +
.-"-. .-:-. .-"-.
/ RIP \ / RIP \ / RIP \
| | | | | |
\\ |// \\\ |// \\\ |//
` " "" " ` ' "" " " ' """ "

Cereal boxes are easiest.

Spraypaint was easiest for these.

*I would like to yell out a special thanks to Tamara Manczyk for taking the above photos, you can find here on Facebook under Tamara M i think.

With these tricks I have explained here you will be sure to have the best halloween and with a lawn full of tombstones you know who should be wary. So that's it, so easy. Hope you learned something.

I'll post the details once they're done. NOW do your's ! and post em.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great News, Short Notice (viewing soon!)

Wish you all the best and hope you're appreciating this brisk fall Weather - unless it happens you're out of country in a tropical situation - Or if you're in The Netherlands at this time (or nearby UK) you should hang in there for an extra week. Whereby you should look into the Impakt Festival that will be playing a video of mine next week. It Runs OCTOBER 14th-18th, this year is the 20thEdition. They have some pretty pretty kool other artist there, so not to be missed if you are in or around the area (London and Amsterdam are solid stays nearby).

Why are not I there? The information arrived a bit late to properly book affordable flight, but be assured I will use my time in the city to see some new locations as you would.

hhaappyy hoolliiddaayss

Friday, September 4, 2009

REAL celebrities of Fan Expo

This is a big one. Obviously all of us make it out to the yearly Festival of Fear at Fan Expo, but it has slowly become more and more disappointing. This year was like a massive octopus with 11,000 people lined up as each of its extremities. Within the monster there were waves of bodies pushing currents of lineups, nothing short of gross overcrowding making it really hard to find Eddies to chill and take breathers in. Even if we didn't miss the deadline to receive our press passes it still would have been a bummer.. EXCEPT FOR THE BABES AND HEROES IN UNIFORM!!

We lost, we didn't dress up this year. Those who did are our heroes, they're pros, and babes and expert lovers of "what they do". With our old heroes Leslie Nelson (I love Him!) and Tom Savini (I Love this guy!!!!) bailing and Bruce Campbell not being an amazing host this is where we found it.



Nintendo Controller,




She-Hulk and,

Charming Knight,


Princess Zelda,

Storm Troopers,

Underworld LARPers,

Nintendo Controller (old flame),

Friday, August 28, 2009

webisode 9

a long distance conference call with few words spoken

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"My Awesome Movie" Cinecycle Screening Aug 22

Family Contact's been hard at work and now we have a 90 minute feature film to screen!
Come to CINECYCLE (behind 157 spadina ave) on saturday AUGUST 22, 8pm it's only $5 (or get in with a Great Shorts dvd for $8!

Cast & Crew Will Be in attendence with a warm up funnyman. Look out for this.
>>>>>>>>>>>>awesome art from Stephen Seguin<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

click out the site for new deets

Sunday, July 19, 2009

entering the 2nd year, waterballoon war.

last year we started a fan website about our stuff from an idea about three guys coming together. we all made movies together and liked each other enough to be great friends and partners, with a website to prove it and a waterballoon fight to launch the website. this website has gone into its second year by at least a month 'n a half so this waterballoon toss-war a mega overdue, you thought it was exnai (no go), no doubt it's comin. ain't no stopin this wobble water pop.

This August 20th at 8pm come over to 157 huron st with swimwear or towels, we'll make some lemonade and maybe some hot drinks

Sunday, June 14, 2009


here's an ad for our new dvd. It's a engaging collection of Family Contact's Greatest Hits, yet.

It's available in your choice of two beautiful jewel cases, and may be a special something for you to hold onto. We'll have more info, eventually, here.
Thank you,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

amatuer pro wresters rule

we videoed a pretty awesome wrestling show out in brampton a few days ago for BSE and it was a really good muscley time.
it was a good time, mike and kyle show up having a good time. the start of a good collab.

way more 2 cum

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sick vid from our bro kentaro ikegami

still haven't watched the whole thing.. got a lot to do

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

take care

yo loveaz,
check out this ills zhyt

it's from one of our closezt budz, eric w
take care, of yourself. pweaz n' tanx

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Concert Series

is going pretty dandy, even though we're thinking of moving on.. Here are some highlights.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

weee got into festivals!

Whether you are in Beverly Hills, LA or Toronto, CA you can see our videos:
Efehan's animation teaser "The Gunslingers" was accepted into The Beverly Hills Shorts Fest, say I said hi if you see him there.
Friday Feb 27th 6pm "Animated Program"

Also, though you're probably sick of if it, my video "Close encounter" was accepted into the Images festival, details will be sorted out soon. I will practice for Q&A this year.
22nd annual edition, to be held April 2-11, 2009

We also made a new webisode, with a valentines theme.
Smooches and Ohhh's <3 FamCon

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Contact Expansion

we are spreading out.
Olde vid, new look.

MYSPACE we are hheeeeerrrrreeee!
FamilyContactPresents on MYSPACE

FanArt Contest: The Gunslingers So enter a drawing or something (by February 15th, email us, or give by hand) and you will almost definitely win a VIP pass to the 1st episode release party(as well as have your art on the website!), and a signed copy of the "Greatest Hits, yet" DVD coming from us, sooner or lazer.

Stay chill.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

FanArt Contest

So check it out,
we're having a contest, if you make great fanart for "The Gunslingers" you could win a VIP pass to the first episode release party. That's going to be a good time, tell your bro's and sis's, you could collaborate an make it extra good.
It's going to be soon, but you have time.
Two weeks good?
The Gunslingers

will be

Family Contact

Monday, January 12, 2009

MANHAM Presents (public version script!)

Because of mass emails asking us "how you come up with that" we are releasing the original manham shooting script to the public. It was also originally scripting in Spanish. both versions are below.

add pasta to six cups of rapidly boiling salted water
cook, stirring occasionally for seven to eight minutes-

ok go.

stirring occasionally for seven to eight minutes until tender.
until tender
until tender
until tender
until tender
until tender
until tender
until tender
Add a quarter of a cup of butter or margarine.

can I use butter and margarine.

half a cup of milk in the cheese sauce mix
stir until sauce is smooo-
half a cup of milk in the cheese sauce mix
stir until sauce is smooth.

can i use butter and margarine.
what are your thoughts on microwaves.

you want to microwave it... at a hundred-
thousand watts
thousand watts
thousand watts
thousand watts
empty finished pasta into six cups microwave safe dish
At one and three fourths hot salted water
hot salted water
hot salted water
microwave on high for seven to nine minutes, stirring-
for my fallen brothers.
Stirring every three minutes until water is absorbed.
Add a quarter of a cup of butter or margarine,
half a cup of milk in the cheese sauce.

what if i want to double the cheese.

what is your question.
what is your question.
what is you-
what is you-
what is you-
what is your question.

double the cheese, double the cheese.

what is your question.
what is your question.
what is you-
what is your question.
what is you-

double cheese.

stir until sauce is smooth, ovens vary in power.

do these instructions apply to everything.

these instructions are guidelines only.
musical interlude

double cheese.



agregue las pastas a seises tazas rápidamente de hervir el agua salada cocine, revolviendo de vez en cuando por siete a ocho minutos

la autorización va.

revolvimiento de vez en cuando por siete a ocho minutos hasta que oferta.
hasta que oferta hasta que oferta hasta que oferta hasta que oferta hasta que

oferta hasta que oferta hasta que oferta er er er er er er er er, dren.
Agregue un cuarto de una taza de mantequilla o de margarina.

puedo utilizo la mantequilla y la margarina.

mitad de la taza de leche en la mezcla de la salsa de queso revuelva hasta que la salsa sea smooo-
mitad de la taza de leche en la mezcla de la salsa de queso revuelva hasta que la salsa sea lisa.

puedo utilizo la mantequilla y la margarina. cuáles son sus pensamientos en microondas.

usted la quiere a la microonda… en ciento mil vatios
mil vatios mil vatios mil mil vatios vatios vatios vatios
vacie las pastas acabadas en seis tazas de la microonda del plato de la caja fuerte En uno y tres cuartos del agua salada caliente agua salada caliente agua

salada caliente caliente caliente caliente microonda en el colmo por siete a nueve minutos,
revolviendo para mis hermanos caidos.
Se absorbe el revolvimiento

de cada tres minutos hasta el agua. Agregue un cuarto de una taza de mantequilla o de margarina, mitad de la taza de leche en la salsa de queso.

qué si quiero doblar el queso.

cuál es su pregunta. cuál es su pregunta. cuál es usted cuál es usted cuál es usted cuál es su pregunta.

el queso doble, el queso doble.

cuál es su pregunta. cuál es su pregunta. cuál es usted cuál es su pregunta. cuál es usted - pregunta.

queso doble.

revuelva hasta que salsa es liso, los hornos varían en energía.

haga estas instrucciones se aplican todo.

estas instrucciones son pautas solamente.

*interludio musical*

queso doble.

- pregunta.


BOTH versions will be available on our limited edition "greatest hits, yet" DVD cuming soon.