Sunday, November 21, 2010

dubbing a finale (tid bit tease)

Like big production movies we sometimes have microphone issues giving a need to re-dub large portions of audio or whatever, it's called ADR or something. And it's sucks a lot, just cause rain ran down the shotgun mic tube, it should be able to handle stuff like that.

Anywayz here's a sample of (about 10 percent of what needs treatment):

Zak: I didn't shoot it and it went out of bounds, I passed it and it went out of bounds... but I got it.
Ben: But I just watched you shoot it out of bounds.
Zak: Ya but I just got it.
Ben: It is our ball.
Zak: Ya.

You just can't write shit this good. I'll post more if there's an interest.

Friday, November 19, 2010

nEXT: Bro climaX!

 This is What's Next:
Saturday Nov 27th at CineCycle

family contact presents: LIVING WITH FRIENDS "Bro ClimaX"
(_a major comedic video screening_)
____-7:30 DOORS
___---8PM JOY ARCHIE comedy set
__------8:30 ALPHABOT acoustic set
_--------9PM LIVING WITH FRIENDS screening - Final 5 Episodes and Season 1 Finale!!! (1 hour screening!!!) THAT'S EPISODES 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 plus extras!
"You're welcome, I'll be there" - Aaron
All this for only 5 dolleros (or PWYC)
ya, it's on facebook

129 Spadina Ave, Down the Alley! (just south of Richmond st).

Here's episode 2- "Big Bro Break-in" - in case your friends haven't made you watch it yet.
Transport yourself over to to check out awesome goth episode 4 once it comes on online this tuesday!


Last week at THE WHITE HOUSE
 (Back to the past_)
Haley Aitman played the harp on a bed of green

Along with screening Episodes 4, 5, 6 and their very Gothic content value (with a some Jersey Shore extras) & Bros dancing With Bros made everyone dance. There was also a cake "Z" for zucchini.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is: Bro Juice! 000Our Nov 13th Screening000

Last week many people ventured to our backyard screening (and made it a sold out night under torchlight), where we played the first three episodes of you know what. (ep1: Introducing Bros)

Soon, we'll be screening new Episodes from our hit show LIVING WITH FRIENDS on --Sat November 13th-- in The White House in Kensington Market. >This night is also my birthday, (so double wammy) throw the lasso over two steads and drop in, or make your peace.

Family Contact presents
Living With Friends 2: Bro juice.”
(part 2 of a series of 3)
@ The White House
Saturday Nov. 13th, 7:30pm.

⌂ 7:30 - doors open
♫ 8pm - Hayley Aitman - Harpist
♪ 8:30 - Ben Reed & the Paul Reiser Paralyzers - DEBUT SHOW!
"the band that can't decide between Todd Rundgren and Killdozer"
-9p Living with Friends Screening >- Premiere of New Episodes 4-8+! (40 minute screening)
♂♫♂ 10pm - Bros dancin' with Bros