Friday, March 29, 2013

Living w/ Friends BRAN NEW Shit!!

This event gointa be off da chain!

-We goina b screenin some bran new livin wid friends episodes!
- Travelogues of japan, first hand knowledge with Jacob
- Mad comedy style wid the ill com group Ralph's Envelope
-We got some life readinz!
-We b playin some beat bumpin loonie tunes!
-We b showin up ya some other shorts from the citayz finass't


staight up u need ta b her! or u'll regrt it 4 evr!

april fifth 
Izakaya sushi house, 294 college st
8:30pm sharp!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Episode 3 ) New Brodder, a Breader Brotha

Family Contact Presents
S02EP3. New Brodder, a Breader Brotha

Some brothers are brothers for ever, some brothers find a way into your life and your heart.
Aaron got himself a new brother. Zak might kill himself. Unless a bro can get rid of a brah to get his brodda back.
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Episode 2 ) Signs of a Visitor

Family Contact Presents
S02EP2. Signs of a Visitor

Home is where Efe’s hommes is .
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 1 "Rescue Mission"

Living With Friends Episode 1 is officially online and loving it. It's bean watched by 10 people at lease.

"The brothers attempt to rescue another brother from the last world of los action heroes." 

Over the next 4 months Family Contact will be releasing all the episodes from season 2 (except 1 episode to hot for youtube) on youtube. Roughly every week or two, since we like suspense and don't like maintaining expectations.

Other then that, here's a tease, nu-teaz as some might say.

To all our 7 viewers: Stay nice and tight and strong;
Love Famcon

Friday, March 1, 2013

tough decision

chris angel or efehan elbi?
you d-side....

Recapped.. oh, last seasons (not as in summer)

If you think you thought you knew what was going to happen this season, thong again.
Here's what was last season.

An here's what of next season.