Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hobbit Heartache ( Released )

Over the last many months, maybe more then many, I have been neglecting my filming/editing duties to make drawings for this book about love. A fantasy with literature's most beloved characters coming together in an erotic story filled with humour and heart (and heartache). Since Samantha Clark wrote all this in a engorging novel (with copyright infringements that should not be discussed) it's time Tolkien and Pascal step down and make the bed for a new universe of romantic, open minded and clear voiced little and big people like her.

Sam unboxing her hard work

Chapter Nine or get a printed version (all 16 chapters) like this available at Paradise Comics! or Blurb!

This cover may change, an become "rare",  in a few weeks. It could pay off to invest in a bundle.

My full colour chapter renders / more exposed in the coming weeks