Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Living with Friends" is going to be the best series you've ever seen with you eye lids open, you gotta check this shit out it's coming really soon

Post-Production is in full swig and the episodes are coming along encouragingly great. We underestimated the time-line a bit and are aiming for an End of September Premiere Release with weekly online episodes uploaded soon afterward. There are going to be around 12 episodes and 4 premiere venues, TBA (we're still talking to neat places). If you are, or know a venue then send me a line, we are still looking for about one-ish.

So that's what's a gas, we're making no apologies and making sure this series is great. Right now check out some still frames from what is coming along.

Ours, for now and the future @

Monday, August 16, 2010

Brand new t-shirts

we only did a run of about 10 of each of these and Eric Euler helped get them done. Let us know if you want one.

ONLY $10 bucks!

come over here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Video in Toronto After Dark's 5th year!

It's the Toronto After Dark's 5th year running and in celebration we were asked to make a tiny little short video*. The Film Fest runs Aug 13-20th at Bloor Cinema this month, go see our short (skip getting extra butter or smarties for your popcorn) because they will only play it a few times during the festival run. It looks like they have an awesome lineup (Robogeisha and Rubber look real neat),so we maybe there too, so say hi.
here's the full lineup:

*screengrabs from our really tiny video